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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 48 - It's Becoming A Life Style

Day 48 and It's starting to become a life style!  On January 28th when I bought my Juicer, I said that my goal with the Juicing Reboot was to cleanse my system and change the way I eat.   It's not that I eat bad, I  just eat and drink the wrong things.   My plate usually looked like the one above and to the right, heavy on the rich sauces, meats, eggs, refined flower ...  and in large quantities.
Now after 48 days, I have become more thoughtful in what I am eating.  I'm juicing in the morning and afternoon and eating healthy at night. Thus far I have eliminated all dairy, red meat, poultry, processed foods from my diet and am now eating vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, and learning to put other good things into the mix.    (not to mention I quit smoking and stopped drinking coffee and haven't had any alcohol). And I don't miss anything.  Bruce is not as strict with his eating but is doing great.

Yesterday (March 24) was Bruce's Birthday and we juiced for breakfast - then for lunch rather than juicing (it was Saturday), I had sliced Tomatoes with a soy dressing, onion and rice crackers. 
Bruce had a Portabella, Tomatoe and egg sandwich in a whole wheat pocket. Not bad.

For dinner we went to a vegetarian friendly restaurant. (for you locals, it's Frankie and Johnny's Natural Food Restaurant on Rte 1 in York, ME).

Bruce had this most amazing HOUSE SALAD with radish, cucumber, grape, orange, beet, carrot, summer squash, zucinni, spinach, pickled cabbage, radichi? tomatoes, broccoli, almonds and sprouts - this was a meal in itself.  He also had a meat dish (rack of lamb - which was beautiful - I didn't have any, remember I said Bruce is more relaxed with his eating, but he's 99% better in his choices than 48 days ago).

I had a Sweet & Spicy Tofu Dish -  I've only cooked it myself once and wasn't sure what it's really suppose to taste like.  This was very good,  It was served with Rice Noodles, broccoli, carrots, asparagus,squash and nuts. The flavors were insane.  The Tofu tasted like French Toast- it was light and fluffy and had a sweetness to it that reminded me of French Toast. I was full after a few bites, but it was so yummy.  I also had a small bowl of FRESH Tomato Soup! Out of this World!

This was a Celebration Weekend With Bruce's Birthday!  and to think we've done it the HEALTHY way - Which is part of the plan - 

Today (Sunday) we went to Manchester, NH for the Old House and Barn Show. It was at the Raddison Hotel on Elm Street and after the show we decided to get some lunch.  So our first LUNCH outing together - we sat at the Bar and I had the most amazing Grilled Portabella Mushroom with roasted vegetables......... with Ice Tea and lemon. Bruce had a Salmon and Seaweed salad.    Just amazing!

This just keeps getting Better Every Day!   I'm still NOT smoking, no coffee, no alcohol, no dairy, no red meat, no poultry....   

Learning to eat the right things is a wonderful experience and certainly something that works.  And I think the reason I'm having such good success with this is that we are doing it in conjunction with Juicing!   Speaking of Juicing, I gotta go make some Green Juice!     See Ya.

 Oh - If you haven't had the opportunity -  Yesterday I watched another inspiring movie called Hungry For Change. I recommend it to everyone who reads this and you can watch it for free until March 31st  just use this link (which if you read this after the 31st may not work) .  The movie deals with our food system and how by eating the right foods will change your life from the inside out.  The more I do this the more I realize  how true this is!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Videos or Movies To Watch

There are so many great FOOD RELATED VIDEOS AND MOVIES out now-  It's spreading and Big Media cannot stop it -   Here are a few that you might want to check out -  I will update this as I come across them -  

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (available on Netflix)

You have to visit Fat Sick & Nearly Dead's  You Tube Video channel Click Here

Food Matters - Trailer (available on Netflix)

 The China Study

Forks Over Knives - This is the trailer - you can rent this on Netflix (and I've heard it's on 

Food Inc. (Trailer)   (You can rent this on Netflix - 

Treating Depression with Vitimans (this is part of FOOD MATTERS)

Day 40 St. Patrick's Day


Day 39 - Still Juicing

Friday March 16, 2012 - Day 39!  Hey Happy St. Patricks Day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 36 - My First Lentil Soup

I said when I started this journey, that my intention is to change the way I eat.  To switch the emphasis of a diet heavy in Meats, Poultry, Fish to more Plant Based foods and part of that is to incorporate the use of more grains, beans, nuts, legumes...   And now that I am 36 days into this I'm starting to make some new stuff!. 

I've never cooked (or even purchased) Lentils before.  So this week while I was exploring the Organic Section of the local grocery store, I decided to try some. The store sells them in bulk so I just purchased a small quantity of the "green"ones.  (They had multiple colors and to tell the truth I wasn't sure what the difference was when I was at the store - and green is a favorite color of mine so I bought green*).

When I got home tonight I decided it was time to make some Lentil Soup!  I have to start at some point eating things other than Vegetables, so this is what I did:

1 Onion - minced
2 Carrots - minced
2 Celery stalks - minced
4 mushrooms - minced
1 cup lentils

In skillet heat 2 tbsp Olive Oil
Add onion cook 5 minutes
Add remaining ingredients and mix.
Salt & Pepper

Then added 6 cups of vegetable stock (which I made from my Mean Green Pulp left overs and had in the fridge),
1 16 oz can diced tomatoes ( I had fresh ones but wanted to save for juicing)
2 bay leaves
1 teaspoon rosemary (I didn't have fresh)

Brought all of it to a boil then turned down the flame to a simmer and partially covered the pot.  I simmered it for an hour, after which I tasted it and it was good enough for me!   The aroma was wonderful throughout the house, and the resulting soup tasted great - Since I've been having this very weird craving for Balsamic vinegar I added a cap ful to my bowl of soup (yum).  

Lentil info: So how many calories does this have?  According to - One bowl of lentil soup can contain a little as 180 calories, but some versions of lentil soup have a higher calorie content. This soup contains zero cholesterol. Lentil soup supplies you with vitamins A and C, and this soup contains calcium. It is also an excellent source of potassium. Lentils are high in fiber.     Works for me!

* Now what about the colors of  Lentils? If you just followed that link you learned a little about the various colors, I'm going to try the Red Lentils next!

I'm still juicing in the morning and my all time morning juice favorite is Grapefruit, Orange, carrots, bell pepper and sweet potatoe how much of each depends on how much you are making, I just play it by ear and taste).  And I pretty much stay with the  Mean Green juice during the day (Kale, Cucumber,Spinach, Celery, Apple, ginger, lemon).    I think if I continue what I'm doing I cannot help but continue to loose weight, but also achieve my goal of  developing a good foundation for eating healthy.

That's all for Day 36 - Still Not Smoking - Still Not Drinking Coffee - Still Not Drinking Alochol - No Dairy - No Meat - No Poultry- No Fish -   Mostly Raw Fruits and Vegetables Only -   Thanks to Fat Sick and Nealy Dead - the Movie!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Days 27-33 Change Takes Time Video Update

You've got to try this!  Cocoa Smoothy!1 Frozen Banana, 3/4 cup soy milk, 2 tsps 100% cocoa powder ( you can add some soy yogurt if you want) Amazing!  175 calories (not including yogurt)

I've been pretty busy this week - fortunately the Real Estate market in this part of the country seems to be turning around a little and things are beginning to move again.  And our juicing journey is becoming more a part of our daily lives.  33 Days!  Amazing - As I write this I'm drinking a  juice with- 6 Kale leaves, 1 beet with greens, 6 celery stalks, 1/4 cauliflower, 2" leek (white part), 2 apples.  Very refreshing.   Here's this weeks video blog.