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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Debbie Mae's August Journey

Can you believe Summer is almost over!  Wow.  And I'm just getting started!  Here is a look back at August - Part Photo Part Video.   I'm really excited as on the last days of the month I decided to join the Gym, and Bruce had our bikes tuned up, so September is going to be super special! 

If you get the chance you might want to check out ""  I just signed up for it Friday and it tracks the food you eat.  You put in your weight age, weight and exercise goals, then it calculates what you should take in for calories each day.  When you enter the food (and it has a very big database), it calculates all the nutritional data from the food so you can track your intake.  Very Cool.

Here's my Video Blog Photo Entry this month.

Hey - Feel Free To Comment Here!  Got Any Good Dishes?  Juice Recipes? Work Out Stories?  Happy Juicing!