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Thursday, May 31, 2012

115 Days - Down 30 Pounds

It's amazing to think 115 days ago (sounds long but it was February 6th and today is May 31st) I began this journey. This morning I stood on the scale and I'm down 30 pounds total.

This is me almost 1 year ago - Probably more than 170! This was taken in July? Why do I think by putting on MORE clothes it's going to hide the weight? Oh Well.

Today May 31st - I stood on the scale and I'm down to 140 -  My goal is 135!  This photo was taken 2 weeks ago, I've seen a change since then (just don't have the photos as I'm the one that usually takes them so unless I use my tri-pod its rare I get a whole me in a photo - ha).    

The Journey Continues - I'm eating better than I ever have and I'm loving foods I never would have eaten in the past (including Brussels Sprouts).    Juicing in the morning, afternoon and eating vegetarian (sorta) at night.  June 6 will be 4 months - If I can do this - You can do this!  

And I'm Still NOT Smoking!
No Wine
No Meat
No Processed Foods
No Dairy (well maybe a little like a little cheese, I'm working on it)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

101 Days, My Backside and Superfoods!

I didn't even recognize my backside after someone sent me a photo with me in it from this past weekend - Which by the way marked the week of my  100 +  days of Juicing and eating Vegetarian (yes I remember saying that I would not become a Vegetarian, but I it just seems to be happening) as well as  not smoking, not drinking, not eating meat, poultry processed foods or dairy!  Toning and Firming up now -  I continue to educate myself on what is good for me and how to incorporate it into my daily life.  Below is some great info .

The following is from  a must follow site - I re posted here for my own reference the  SUPER FOOD list.

Wheat grass - Wheat grass is the sprouted grass of a wheat seed. Unlike the whole grain, because it has been sprouted, it no longer contains gluten or other common allergic agents. Wheat grass is super alkalizing and is excellent for promoting healthy blood. It normalizes the thyroid gland to stimulate metabolism thus assisting digestion and promoting weight loss due also to its high enzyme content and cleansing effect.

Barley grass - Barley grass has 11 times more calcium than cows milk, 5 times more iron than spinach and 7 times more Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids than orange juice. It contains significant amounts of Vitamin B12 which is very important in a vegetarian diet. Barley grass juice has anti-viral activities and neutralizes heavy metals such as mercury in the blood.

Wild blue-green algae - Algae was the first form of life on Earth and its power is immense. Wild blue-green algae is a phyto-plankton and contains virtually every nutrient. With a 60% protein content and a more complete amino acid profile than beef or soy beans. It contains one of the best known food sources of beta carotene, B vitamins and chlorophyll. It has been shown to improve brain function and memory, strengthen the immune system and help with viruses, colds and flu.
Spirulina - Spirulina is a cultivated micro-algae which has been consumed for thousands of years by the indigenous peoples in Mexico and Africa. It is one of the highest known protein sources on Earth and contains 70% complete protein, towering over steak which consists of only 25% protein once cooked. Studies have shown that spirulina can help control blood sugar levels and cravings thus making it a key food for diabetics, and can be used to assist in weight loss and as a general nutritional supplement.

Chlorella - Chlorella is a fresh water algae and like its other algae cousins contains a complete protein profile, all the B vitamins, vitamin C and E and many minerals. It is amazing for the immune system and for reducing cholesterol and preventing the hardening of the arteries, a precursor to heart attacks and strokes.
Green leafy vegetables - Green leafy vegetables are so readily available and so highly nutritious, however most people do not eat enough of them. Studies continuously confirm that populations that eat a diet high in green leafy vegetables run a far lower risk of heart disease and cancer. Fresh raw green leafy vegetables contain high doses of chlorophyll, easily digestible proteins, enzymes and a wide range of vitamins and minerals. These particular vegetables act as mini-transfusions for the blood, a health tonic for the brain and immune system and a cleanser of the kidneys.
Try any of the following: rocket, spinach, dandelion greens, kale, watercress, parsley, lettuce, endive, chicory, broccoli sprouts and mustard sprouts.

Also, I may have already recommended this book, but I'll do it again. Juicing for Life. Cherie Calbom, M.S. and Maureen Keane, M.S., C.N.  The book offers Juice recipes for a variety of aliments accompanied with explanations of what the ingredients do for that particular aliment, in addition to a variety of other topics.

 For Example if you have Stress (which I have a lot of) a good juice is: "Spicy Cantaloupe Shake" which is:  1/2 Cantaloupe with skin and  1/4" Ginger -  (for 1 person).   I made this one as I had the ingredients. It was delicious and made a good breakfast.   The book covers each topic (in this case Stress) and provides general recommendations on how to reduce it from your life as well as provide some dietary Modifications such as : Increase consumption of fiber (Stress increases cholesterol levels and fiber decreases cholesterol absorption.    Decrease consumption of sugar as it puts more stress on your immune system by depleting chromium and depressing white blood cell action.     Increase consumption of foods that thin the blood, such as ginger, garlic and cantaloupe.  The stress reaction thickens the blood, leaving the body more susceptible to heart attack or stroke.   Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and drugs - yes we know these substances  offer temporary releif, but in the long run, they can actually make stress worse.  Then the book goes on to list Nutrients that help as well as provide a host of Beneficial Juices for that particular situation.  You can read it for the Juice Recipes or when you want to look up juice to relieve a symptom....  

Well, now that my stress level is down a little it's time to go make some grub for dinna, thinking a green salad with Portabella Mushroom and some brown rice.  Bruce calls this grazing - oh well, I will go graze now, thank you very much.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

92 Days! Can You Believe it!

It's very hard to believe that it's been 92 Days since I started this journey to better eating habits!  This has been the EASIEST thing I've ever done.  And it's so good for me!

February 6th 2012-  Began Juicing Fruits & Vegetables
Weight 170 Lbs - May 8, 2012 - 144 Lbs
February 6th Size 14 - May Size 4-6 (depending)
 Was suppose to just be for 15 Days!   It's been 92 days!
February Quit Smoking - May - Still Not Smoking
February Gave up Wine for 15 Days - May Still No Wine!
February Gave Up Meat/Poultry - May Still No Meat/Poultry!
February Gave Up Processed Foods - May No Processed!
February Gave Up Dairy - May - No Dairy!
February Started Walking - May Averaging 12 miles a week!

I remember early on saying I would not become a Vegetarian!  Well, I guess I'm eating my words, as since I started this I appear to be eating Vegetarian and am jazzed to just keep it going.   Just this past Sunday I had a small piece of chicken that Bruce had BBQ'd, but it did nothing for me.    It's not that I CAN'T eat these things, it's that I now CHOOSE NOT to, that is the difference.

And I'm finding all kinds of new web sites, for example,   I really had no idea what GI was previous to this journey,  Well, now I know - It's the Glycemic Index... What is that? It's a rating that measures the rate at which a particular food raises your blood sugar levels.... OK.  So what... Well, for me I've never paid any attention to things like this previously.  But now I am and I'm finding it fascinating.   There is so much good information out here on the Web- I don't have to recreate the wheel - I can just help push it along -  High Glycemic foods... explained very well in this video blog.  It's all starting to make so much sense to me.

Here is a link to LOW Glycemic Foods  Simple Low Glycemic Index List to Make Wise Food Choices!

Then there is the good and bad list   which now has me a little confused -  Butternut Squash  BAD?  Well, I just have to keep doing this to figure it all out, and continue eating and juicing along the way!

I keep inspired through my association with the folks from Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead,   Forks over Knives,  Food , my friends and family for their continued support and a host of web sites and blogs I have stumbled upon.  By the way, Bruce has lost 14 pounds, he's very supportive and continues to eat and juice with me.  But as I've mentioned, he is more relaxed with his eating habits and includes meat and alochol on occassion.  But I am proud that he has been here with me on this journey.

Well, I better go, I just wanted to give this update.  As soon as I get my laptop fixed I'll do a Video Update.