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Monday, January 30, 2012

First Juice - Mean Green

I forgot to mention that we officially BEGIN OUR  15 DAY  "Reboot" on February 6, 2012

I made my first Juice yesterday - they call it the Mean Green Juice - for me it yielded 16 ounces - My juicer has a 3" diameter feeder so I didn't have to really cut anything up, but I did cut the apple in half and I did NOT peal the lemon - Bruce thought it was to lemony.    I thought it was good (after the initial burst of flavors when I took my first sip - see my little video  (I had to use my laptop for the video, as I left my recorder in the car), you'll get the idea (I do have to improve my narration a little).

Here's what I used (not in any specific order, I kinda mixed it up)

 4/5 Kale Leaves
 2 Handfuls Spinach
 5 Celery Stalks
  1 Cucumber
  1 Apple
  1/2 lemon
   thumbnail size ginger root
  Clean up - is a breeze.

Something New and Exicting - Juicing

 While today is the 30th of January, my excitement began on the 27th of January.  After being completely inspired by Joe Cross after we watched his "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" movie on Netflix,  and  having previously been sent the the movie "Forks over Knives",  both movies just reaffirmed that being healthy is far easier than one would think.  It's all about what we put in our bodies as a first step. 

So inspired, that we have decided to embark on a 15 Day "Reboot" (as Joe refers to it) - Juicing and eating fruits and vegetables only.  (You don't have to do 15days but after taking an assessment, it was the suggested program and we both decided it would be worth it).

This will be a bit of an undertaking and not without its challanges  - We both love to cook and eat Good (rich)  Food and Drink Good Wine. Our social life revolves around eating and cooking (usually very rich foods).  To add to my imbalance, I smoke and love coffee!  These two habits will also be part of this journey and removing them from my life.  (Just don't get in my way over the next couple of weeks - Ha Ha).

First Step was to purchase a good juicer - I looked at several, and for me felt Cuisinart Juice Extractor CJE-1000 was the one I wanted (there are some very good video reviews of juicers out there if your thinking of buying one yourself and the prices vary wildly-this was less than $200- just do a browser search for "Juicer Reviews").  What I liked about this one is that it's quite, has a good size pulp container and a 32 ounce juice container.  It's 1000 watts and has an RPM of 13,000 with 5 speeds.  Now that I have my juicer, I'll be doing some test juicing over the next week as we prepare.

I plan to chronicle our progress (good and bad) and will add photos/videos and my favorite juices as we go along (doing this is also a way for me personally to stay focused).   It's funny how some of the reactions of friends have so far been one of disbelief and poo-pooing the idea, to "hey I need to do that, let me know how it goes"  or "I'm behind you all the way".  The biggest support and encouragement I've found is from the fat, sick & nearly dead facebook page.  I love what I'm reading about other peoples journey and the trials of staying on track, and the excitement of how change is so rewarding in a relatively short period of time.  Also encouraging is how so many people decide to extend their reboot.

It's not for anyone else that we do this than for ourselves.  Cleansing our bodies, eating more plant based foods and feeling better is the goal... and anything else good that comes from it will be just a bonus.

Here goes.