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Friday, April 6, 2012

10 Food Additives To Avoid

My Friends over at Food Matters.TV  are great -  you can check out their web site for more information on the following - I'm reposting for my own information and retrieval.  Here is their LINK  -

1.  Artifical Sweetners - Asparame (like Nutrasweet or Equal) - You would be surprised what this stuff it in! (Found in: diet or sugar free sodas, diet coke, coke zero, jello (and over gelatins), desserts, sugar free gum, drink mixes, baking goods, table top sweeteners, cereal, breathmints, pudding, kool-aid, ice tea, chewable vitamins, toothpaste...)

2. High Fructose Corn Syrup - (Found in most processed foods, breads, candy, flavored yogurts, salad dressings, canned vegetables, cereals)

3. MSG (Found in Found in: Chinese food (Chinese Restaurant Syndrome ) many snacks, chips, cookies, seasonings, most Campbell Soup products, frozen dinners, lunch meats)

4. Trans Fat  - (Found in Found in: margarine, chips and crackers, baked goods, fast foods)

5. Food Dyes  - Blue #1 #2, Red #3 #40 (found in Found in: fruit cocktail, maraschino cherries, cherry pie mix, ice cream, candy, bakery products and more!)    Yellow #6, Yellow Tartazine (Found in Found in: American cheese, macaroni and cheese, candy and carbonated beverages, lemonade and more!)

6. Sodium Sulfite (Found in Wine and dried fruit)

7. Sodium Nitrate/ Sodium Nitrite (Found in: hotdogs, bacon, ham, lunch meat, cured meat, corned beef, smoked fish or any other type of processed meat).

8 BHA & BHT (That's Butylated hydroxyanisole BHA) and butylated hydrozyttoluene BHT) Found in Potato chips, bum, cereal, frozen sausages, enriched rice, lard, shartening, candy, jello.

9. Sulfur Dioxide (Found in beer, soft drinks, dried fruit, juices, cordials, wine, vinegar, and potatoe products.)

10. Potassium Bromate. (found in Breads).

Please go to the FOODMATTERS.TV WEBSITE and subscribe to their FREE NEWSLETTER  -  HERE IS THEIR LINK TO THE ABOVE INFORMATION  Article that goes indepth on these items

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