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Thursday, May 31, 2012

115 Days - Down 30 Pounds

It's amazing to think 115 days ago (sounds long but it was February 6th and today is May 31st) I began this journey. This morning I stood on the scale and I'm down 30 pounds total.

This is me almost 1 year ago - Probably more than 170! This was taken in July? Why do I think by putting on MORE clothes it's going to hide the weight? Oh Well.

Today May 31st - I stood on the scale and I'm down to 140 -  My goal is 135!  This photo was taken 2 weeks ago, I've seen a change since then (just don't have the photos as I'm the one that usually takes them so unless I use my tri-pod its rare I get a whole me in a photo - ha).    

The Journey Continues - I'm eating better than I ever have and I'm loving foods I never would have eaten in the past (including Brussels Sprouts).    Juicing in the morning, afternoon and eating vegetarian (sorta) at night.  June 6 will be 4 months - If I can do this - You can do this!  

And I'm Still NOT Smoking!
No Wine
No Meat
No Processed Foods
No Dairy (well maybe a little like a little cheese, I'm working on it)

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