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Sunday, December 8, 2013


Caution: If you haven't seen this yet, watching This Movie COULD Be Beneficial To Your Health!    If you've already watched Food Matters- you heard it said that less than 6% of graduating physicians in the USA receive any formal training in nutrition and that 26% of all patients discharged from hospitals are more malnourished than when they went into the hospital! We need EDUCATION NOT Medication
From now until December 10th, 
"Food Matters" is available to watch for Free online -    Please Share this with EVERYONE you know as not everyone has access to Netflix which Food Matters is currently available on.

 This movie sheds some incredible light on how the American Diet is out of control and how by simply changing what we eat and how we eat can be the cure to many of the ailments that plague us.

 I hear this all the time "...I don't have much time, I need to be able to eat on the run, and fast food works, yes I know it's not good for me but I just don't have the time..."  It's a sad truth that our lifestyles and our society makes it way to EASY to eat the wrong things.  And thanks to folks like those at Food Matters the word it getting out that We are the Masters Of Our Bodies and We ARE WHAT WE EAT!

 As a passionate believer that doing one thing 2 times a day can make a huge difference in your life just try adding a couple glasses of Fresh RAW Juices to your daily routine- It's a great place to start! What do you have to loose?

This movie is packed eye opening information.  Are You (or Someone you know)  battling cancer? go to 47 minutes 54 seconds in the movie:  Do you know someone who is depressed? go to the 42 minute 22 seconds in the movie:  How about Cardiovascular issues go to 25min 16 seconds  Better yet just start at the beginning!

As a result of my passion for juicing I've recently helped to expand a Frozen Yogurt Shop to now include 100% Fresh Extracted Juices and Blended Smoothies. I've never worked in a retail environment before and this is amazing. People that come in are excited to see that there IS a healthy alternative to what they put in their bodies.  Of course not everyone likes vegetables and to have them RAW is even more foreign.  But with time and education perhaps they will come to enjoy real food!    We even have some of the amazing Superfood add-on's David Wolfe speaks about in this film.  Think about it,  If you look at any average Main Street what do you see for Food Choices?  FAST FOOD and Good OLD fashioned American Diet Restaurants!  The choices we have for Healthy Alternatives are FEW and FAR Between.

Whether you Juice at home or on the go, JUICE DOES A BODY GOOD! 

We Need More Education - Not Medication!  
Please Watch "Food Matters"  today!

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  1. This is a really thought provoking message that you have tried to deliver. Medications and supplements cannot replace the natural food and we need to change our eating habits.