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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Juice Happens in Portsmouth, NH

Something special is happening and I know what it is!  More Juice and Smoothie cafes are opening up in and around Portsmouth NH and make for Having Your Juice and Drinking it Too!

Think about it.  You're out an about and maybe you forgot to have a balanced breafast and now you're famished!  But where can you get something quick and GOOD FOR YOU? Not everyone packs snacks to take with them or packs their  lunch. Face it for some people it's hard enough to get out of bed and get to the gym let along eat something healthy.  Maybe they'll have a  cup of coffee or even tea but skip on anything else worthwhile and off they go.  Then when the hunger pangs hit them they end up going for the fast and easy grab.  Which, is usually not very healthy right?  Or even worse, they don't eat anything at all, so by the time the sit down for dinner - all bets are off!

 Personally I would like to see a juice bar on every corner - Drive through! "I'll have a Big Green to go please!"  and off I go.  Fortunately, for me, I have quite a few options now and I wanted to share them with you.

Next time you are in or around the Portmouth, Kittery or Dover area and are looking for FRESH JUICE - IT's HERE!

Here's a quick list of the Juice and Smoothie cafes around the area which are owned and run by great folks!  Their address, Phone and Google Map links if you happen to be in the area and find yourself wanting a FRESH made Juice!   Most of these locations also offer other things but I'm just talking about FRESH JUICE and Blended Smoothies here!  Quick Nutritious and Sooooo Good for you!  

So, if you are anywhere near Portsmouth or Dover or Kittery 

The Juicery - Located at 55 Hanover Street, Portsmouth - (603) 431-0693

The Fresh Press - 90 Fleet Street, Portsmouth, NH - (603) 373-8886

Portsmouth Health Food Store - 151 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH - (603) 436-1722
Google Map It

Juicy Roots - 6 3rd St, Dover, NH (603) 740-7000

The Maine Squeeze - Located at 7 Wallingford Square, Kittery, ME - (207) 773-7374
Google Map It

Hey If you know of any other Juice / Smoothie Cafe/Bar in the area, feel free to comment and share their location!   It Benefits Us All!


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