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Saturday, September 6, 2014

For Every Door That Closes A New One Opens

For every door that closes a new one opens.
Well, I'm sad to say that Serving Fresh Raw Juice and Blended Smoothies, didn't quite work out over at Yogurt Licious. As of last Sunday, Yogurt Licioius closed their doors. 

Why did Yogurt Licious close - There were numerous reasons -  KMart closed, the location wasn't really conducive to walk up traffic, other Yogurt Shops opening in the area, restrictions put on the business because of a no compete with Panera (no salads, no soups, no sandwiches, no cocoa, no coffee) then with Market Baskets Boycott... that was the straw that broke the camels back.

The bottom line the owners decided it was time to cut their losses.  I know for those who did frequent Yogurt Licious and more recently The Daily Juicer it will be missed.  Onward we go.

This Blog (if you've gotten this far) was originally started in 2012 as Fresh Beginnings With Juicing and was the rantings of a woman on a personal journey to better health.  That journey continues on. One thing I have learned from the past year is that people don't change their ways very easily.  And it's a constant internal tug of war to eat the right things when we live in a world where Fast Food and Processed food is the norm.  

I am happy to see more and more Juice shops opening up in the area and hope that they continue to grow and prosper.  

The Juicery - Hanover Street, Portsmouth
The Maine Squeeze - 7 Wallingford Square,  Kittery, ME
The Juicery - Pease Food Court at 14 Manchester Square, Newington
Juicy Roots - 3rd Street, Dover
Fresh Press - Fleet Street, Portsmouth
Portsmouth Health Food -151 Congress St.Portsmouth

There's no escaping it.  People want real food.  It's funny, while Market Basket was being boycotted.  Except for Dairy, Meat, Vegetables, the stores looked full.   But thanks to places like the shops above people who eat out on the go are beginning to have better, healthier alternatives to the traditional fast food options.

So, while the doors at The Daily Juicer and Yogurt Licious have closed there are and will be many more that you can walk through at least in this area.  As for  I will continue the original journey that I set out on back in February 2012 of creating balance and learning to live a life that includes Plant Based Foods and continue to develop and share Juice Recipes that I come up with.  
I would love to encourage and welcome your contributions if you have your own healthy recipes that you would like to share on this forum.

Juice On!


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