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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Even the Sknny Jeans Are to Big!

June 3rd - three days shy of 4 months on my journey. The jeans I'm wearing in this photo (it's not the most flattering photo) I bought probably 13 years ago. Just before Bruce took the photo this morning (and not having a belt on), I actually was able to pull them down over my hips without  undoing them.  That cracked me up!  NO I'm not going to take a photo of that! 

A friend  of mine the other day said, "what's up with you - why the Vegetarian thing? There's nothing wrong with Beef, Chicken, Pork and Fish".  He actually sounded perturbed at me.  I tried to explain,  "Look, I started this to change the way I eat - initially it was for 15 days to cleanse the system and give me a boost on changing the way I eat..."  I actually heard myself almost apologizing for what I'm doing.  But I thought to myself  "self, he may just be threatened by your desire to keep it up, which is not easy and if he can bring you down maybe you'll cave in and eat those things..."  But (as Bruce says) Therein Lies the Rub!  I CAN eat those things- I've just chosen NOT TO.   I'm loving how I feel.  From walking, bending over, laying down, moving!   I love going to the grocery store and just going to the Produce department (and maybe twice a month to some other isles to get things like tooth paste...).    Why don't we just dismiss with the Labels that you put on it.   Lets NOT USE THE WORDS - VEGAN or VEGETARIAN,   Let's just say that I'm eating everything EXCEPT Dairy, Meat, Chicken, Pork and Processed Food.... Is that easier to wrap your arms around  (I know I can wrap my arms around myself since I started this - HA HA)."

I'm having an amazing journey-  And when I think about it from another perspective I'm winning on another front -

Being self employed  I cannot afford to buy Health Insurance (I suppose you don't have to be self employed not to be able to afford Health Insurance these days). So, by focusing my food dollars on food that not only helps with my weight but has the added BONUS of promoting good Health -  I've won!      And, not to get political here but did you hear about New York wanting to put a ban on large size sodas?   I agree that Americans are very spoiled and can eat what ever they want - and we live in a society where speed and convenience is paramount.  It's far easier to stop at a fast food restaurant than it is to stop at the grocery and buy wholesome food to take home and prepare it for yourself.      But "I" personally don't need government to tell me what I can and cannot EAT or DRINK.   It's a Desire and Education that I needed to change the way I do things and thanks to the internet I'm finding that and embracing it.    Hopefully by changing my lifestyle and what I CHOOSE to eat and drink I will be healthier and not become a burden on Society.   I was at a point in my life where I was eating way more than what I was burning and was packing it on.  I didn't necessarily eat poorly, I just ate alot and way more beef, poultry, dairy and processed foods than raw food.     I wasn't exercising beyond what it took to walk from the house to the car, car to a building and so on.  I felt like Crap!  And I looked like Crap!   I Smoked, drank, ate like I was going to live forever - and I'm over 55!  (This sounds like a country western song).    When I saw those 2 Movies (below ), it was LIFE CHANGING!!!!!!!   I've chosen to do it myself, with the most incredible help and support from some amazing people - like  JOE CROSS and his documentary   FAT, SICK AND NEARLY DEAD -  And Dr. Colin Campbell Phd and his involvement in the Movie Forks Over Knives and his Book "The China Study", and the great folks I've become aquainted with on Fat Sick and Nearly Deads Facebook page who have turned me on to other publications (like those above), and my old friends, current friends and new friends and family who have encouraged me.   I'm  feeling good and can't get enough of this.

Check out this 9 Minute Video Clip -
There are tons of YouTube videos on "The China Study"  or you can buy the book (or not).

This morning I came across another site that further reinforces the reasons I'm continuing on the path I'm on -   check out the movie  "A Delicate Balance"      it covers much of what Forks Over Knives says, and references Dr. Colin Campbells work with the China Study.   I'm an infant at this, but I like what I'm reading and hearing - I love what I'm cooking - and I like that I can pull anything out of my closet or drawers and put it on!   

 I'm just along for the ride! 

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