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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Milestone #2 - One Year Of Juicing!


I feel GOOD! I knew that I would!  So Good! So Good!

I have been Juicing for 1 year today -  One year ago I gave up:
Red Meat
Processed Food

I have successfully incorporated Juicing into my every day lifestyle - Well about 99.9% of the time.

I have learned to eat entirely different than the way I use to - incorporating RAW and LIVE plant foods into my daily diet.

I'm still learning to substitute things for the more healthier choices such as using Agave Nectar instead of Sugar,  using Almond Milk when something calls for milk,  Using brown rice in place of white rice, eating Sweet potatoes instead of White potatoes.

Simple BUT incredibly healthy food choices - and surrounding it all with Juice -

Today I begin the next chapter in my journey - and it is my goal this year to incorporate a more consistent exercise routine into my daily life - This I started last year, but I just couldn't get hold of making it an everyday thing - While I enjoy the gym when I'm there, it's the getting there part I don't like.   I modified my business schedule last year so I could get in and out of the gym before the hoards of people, but then I went on a business trip in October, and fell off the Bicycle so to speak. So that is my goal this year!  To make exercise a normal part of my life - in addition to my continued hunger for eating healthy.

I never did reach my ultimate goal for that last 10 pounds - but I'm not worried nor am I scared - as I have taken the steps in the right direction, and as long as I'm FEELING GOOD,  I'm OK!

Time to go make some juice!

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