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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Milestone #1 A Year Without Smoking!

One Year Ago today I wrote a Blog Post that I had stopped smoking and quit drinking coffee.
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I am proud to say I have been Smoke Free for ONE YEAR!  In my original post, I mentioned that I was going to use Equate Nicotine Gum for 12 weeks to help me - Well,  I used it for ONE week - then I just stopped!

So, How do I Feel?  Well first of all I have  NO DESIRE TO SMOKE! I know that I've done something very good for my health, I'm saving myself about $7.00 a day (add that up per year), I don't have stinky smelly clothes, My car doesn't stink, (I never smoked in the house so that one was saved), I don't have to stand outside of the house, office or restaruant now in Rain or freezing weather so I can get my fix.  I don't have to take my own car just so I can smoke. I don't have the food cravings they talk about (but I'll talk talk that in another post).   I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN SET FREE from a ball and chain -   It's a freedom you can only appreciate when you've stopped.  As while I was doing it I could rationalize all day long that while I knew I should quit - I enjoyed it.  I still have friends who smoke and it surprises me that it doesn't even bother me - I don't feel the urge to have one, quite the opposite - It makes me feel even stronger that I finally quit.  YEAH!  

Now with regard to Coffee - I wasn't 100% successful in that attempt- HOWEVER!  I have reduced the amount of coffee I consume to  one (Large) cup of coffee a day now - AND I use Almond Milk, no sugar!  My tea supply is growing every day and I'm especially fond of Chai Tea!

There have been so many changes to my "Intake" that coffee was the one that I let slide -  But I am working on that.... 

So, I'm happy with my progress thus far!   

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