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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Raw Food Doesn't Last!

I buy so much fresh veggies and fruit every week that I do sometimes loose them - The cucumbers and Strawberries are usually the ones to go first - Kale also.  But I realize that "Raw Food Is Real" (Like Kristina says) and it's not going to last forever.  However, there are ways to extend the life of the raw food I buy and I wanted to share some tips I came across from Kristina Carillo-Bucaram from Rawfully Organic who I've been followings since I began my journey.  

As Kristina says "Raw Food doesn't Last" - But to help you keep your raw foods stored (sometimes up to 2 weeks) use these simple tips!

1) Bag Your Greens to Keep Them Fresh - use a zip lock bag, a biodegradable bag. Five them a spritz and twist the bag close and put it in the fridge.
2) Learn to Rotate Your Food - keep the older food in the front of the fridge, the newer stuff in the back
3) Store Fruits and Veggies Separately - items like apples/oranges/ bell peppers and tomatoes can be stored outside the fridge, berries should be stored in the fridge along with your greens.
4) Don't Block the Air Vents & Keep Temperature Consistent at 40F
5) Prepare as Needed - don't cut up your veggies right when you get home from the store. prepare them when you are making your dish, smoothie or juice. Remember when you cut, juice,blend or cook, the nutirents in the food begins to dissipate, so keep it together until you need it.
6) Real Food Does Not Last Forever! But it's Real and Good For you.

You want some more inspiration here is Kristina's tip video. 

on, follow Kristina Carillo- Bucaram!

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