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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sometimes We Make Mistakes

Everybody has made a mistake cooking food and had to throw out something that burned. (well at least I have).  Today I made a Juicing mistake.  A mistake that actually occurred at the grocery store and I didn't notice it until I took a big swallow of my morning Juice.

I buy beets either as a bunch with greens or individually (which ever is available, I do juice the beet greens). When I buy them individually, they are usually in the grocers bin all by themselves, so I just pick out ones that are about the size of a tennis ball. They are ugly as heck, but I'm learning to like them (JUICED, still not a fan of eating them).  Anyway, this morning I reached in my fridge for my morning Beet to add to my Red Bell Pepper, Carrots and Orange and when I cut the beet in half it was white -  I just thought it was a white beet (I've juiced golden beets, but I had no idea what white beets looked like).   When I finished juicing it looked like it normally does (because with all the orange and red, the color is pretty much orange), but there was a strange scent to the juice I had not experienced before.   WHOA, what was that? When I took my first big swallow, I almost wanted to spit it out I was so taken aback by this strange  twinge, needle pricking taste that completely overwhelmed the bell pepper, carrots and orange.  I quickly added another orange to tone down that Bazaar taste.
 I new immediately it was that White Beet!  What the heck was that.  How did it get into my fridge? Did I buy that?   I had also given Bruce a glass and he had a slight reaction to it but down the hatch, he drank his faster than I'd seen him drink a morning juice before (I think he hated it so much but didn't want to throw it out).  I followed right behind and drank mine down.

It was after all  just fruit and vegetables.  But it was definitely a different flavor and ONE THAT I DON'T PLAN TO RECREATE.  I guess the point I'm trying to make is that - even when you make a mistake Juicing, it's really not a mistake and you still want to drink it because after all it's fresh vegetables and fruit, it's not going to kill you right.

I am still not sure what it was that I got mixed up with my red beets at the store. I thought it might be a Turnip, or a Rutabaga, but I'm not sure - and aren't they all really just beets?-  Any one know what this is (the 3 uncut ones below are definitely beets, the halved one is the culprit, also pictured above).


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  1. Its a Turnip!! I juiced some greens today and yes I tasted that ting too