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Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm Officially A Juice Head!

So, here it is Labor Day 2013! I've been making Juices and Smoothies all week!

You may or may not know that I've been making Fresh Extracted Juices for over a year now and haven't really ventured into the Smoothie realm, but over the last week I've been a Juice/Smoothie Crazy Person!

I started making Raw Vegetable Smoothies as I've found that when I go out locally and purchase smoothies, they offer either Extracted Juice (which I already do at home and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ) or Fruit Smoothies.  Not having really ventured beyond the RAW VEGETABLE extraction practice, I decided to try all of the FRUIT Smoothies from other Juice Shops in our area.  What I noticed is that they make their Smoothies with either Soy Milk, Almond Milk or "Fruit Juice" (bought)  ice and/or water.    I found the addition of  Fruit Juice to a "Fruit Smoothie" kind of strange, but I suppose in a commercial environment it helps keep costs down. But what about calories I wondered..

After a week of trying every Fruit Smoothie I could buy I decided that this is way to much sugar for me (I'm sure I put on some poundage doing my research), and I was missing the basic Green Vegetable Superfood that I've been making for over a year and half now.    Sooooo, I came home and started practicing making my own "Blended Extractions" using my VitaMix (which if you can afford it puts everything else out there to shame when it comes to Blender Extractors, but it's pricey).  I've been coming up with Vegetable Extractions and Fruit Smoothies that are quite delicious.   And all of them only Ice or Water and/or Almond Milk or Coconut Milk (I tried Soy Milk but after doing research on the benefits of all, I found Almond Milk to be my personal preference).

 I'd decided that while making Vegetable Extractions in the VitaMix retains all the pulp, I've grown very accustomed to a Juice Extractor for my Raw Vegetable intake. I do have one that I would compare to the super C and I call it BEEEET- Energized  -  Beet/Carrot/Red Bell/Orange/Water/Ice - LOTS of pulp and a more earthy flavor.

But for me having the choice of either EXTRACTED JUICE or a SMOOTHIE, I'll save the SMOOTHIE for the Fruit based drinks- Again, only using Water, Ice or Almond Milk (or coconut milk). Why add the additional sugar from fruit juice base when the fruit you are using has plenty of natural sugar already!

For example, my Go-Green Juice - I buy fruit fresh and freeze it - but since I don't eat Peaches  I bought some organic frozen peaches (and used about a handful). I wanted to Try Soy Milk since I use Almond Milk most of the time, so I added  about 1/2 cup, then I added about a handful of Spinach, a 1/2 Granny Smith Apple and some ice.  DELICIOUS!  (Next time I'll use Almond Milk which I prefer).
The Go Green
 So, there are just a couple of my Blended Smoothies that I've made this weekend.  I'm working on  a "The Daily Juicer" Menu ... I'll keep you posted... Well, seeing it is LABOR day, I think I'll go relax a little.     Happy Juicing!

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