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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Extracted Juice or Blended Smoothie?

Beam Me Up Scotty
When it comes to Juice, some people don't distinguish between "extracted or blended".  They just call it "Juice".  That's OK, it's all good for you.  If you are new to Juicing, here are a couple differences:
  • Extracted Juice -  The best method for extracting juice is to use a Juice Extractor (electric or manual). And as the name says, the juice is "extracted" from the plant with the non-soluble fiber (pulp) removed,  leaving an almost clear pulp free drink (not all the fiber is removed).  The texture of the drink is smooth (like that glass of OJ you had as a kid) and since most of the insoluble fiber is removed, the remaining vitamins and nutrients are absorbed quickly into your system with very little digestion required.  100% of the flavor is from the live Vegetables/Fruit! 

How Would You Like It -  Juiced or A Blended Smoothie?

  • Blended Smoothie - The big difference here is that you are using a Blender (a high powered blender like a Vita Mix, Health Master, or Even a Nutri-Bullet).  Everything you put into the blender is kept in the blender and pulverized into a "Smoothie".   Usually you need to add some water.  The texture is thicker and you retain both soluble and insoluble fiber. The Blended Smoothie gives you a "full" feeling and takes longer for the nutrients to be absorbed into the system.  Making a blended smoothie is quicker as clean up is just your container and lid.  If you don't have juice extractor but want that smoother texture, you can run the juice through a fine strainer.

Both are excellent ways to get your Fruits and Vegetables.  Some people prefer extracted juice, some prefer blended smoothies, some like both. Which do you prefer?

Look at it this way.  If you are juicing even 1x a day and eating a Plant Strong diet during the day you'll be getting plenty of good nutrients and fiber.

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  1. Hey thanks for making us understand this nuance and it was good to know. And i guess i would prefer the juice more than the smoothie as it is light on digestion and faster absorption of proteins and nutrients.