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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hey there happy July! I did a little Video Update yesterday and in it I say " my BMA"...    I should have said  "my BMI" ....  (BMI - body mass index,)  I realize that BMI according to what I've read was designed for population studies, however, due to its simplicity, is widely used for individuals, despite its inappropriateness due to the large variances between people (like it doesn't factor in muscle mass, so muscular people will have a high BMI, thus they would appear overweight according to BMI but are actually very lean).  Also short people (shorter than me, may have a high BMI than would be expected for their size...).  Just suffice it to say that "FOR ME" I'm using the BMI as a "guage".  And based on MY BMI - I have 9 pounds to go to be within the "healthy weight" range.   Not a bad goal. 

I'm loving the Summer Season and the Fresh Vegetables ------
Do you want to make the Tasteiest Salad in the world.  I'm sure this is not new to most people, but to me I'm in heaven. 
4 cups of Baby Spinach, 4 cups of baby Aurgula, 2 cups fresh basil leaves, grape tomatoes (you can add any kind their in season right now and delicious), 1/2 cup toasted pine nuts, and a little VOO and Balsamic Vinigar (I just eyeballed it just enough to coat the leaves when you drizzle it then mix it all together).   Makes a sensational salad, the BASIL! OMG! My colleague gave me the receipe and I call it the Cox Salad!  When I made it the other night I had a little bit of left overs and put it through the juicer when I made my Mean Green Juice the next morning  (Wow was that good) -  Try it.

My 4th of July Snack! Blueberries, Strawberries and Bananas!

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