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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

149 days, 4.8 months, 21 weeks, who's counting

Well, it's been 4.8 months since I started my journey, and I'm still going strong.-
  (No Smoking, no Drinking, no Meat, no Dairy,no Eggs, no Processed Foods) Instead, I'm  Juicing twice a day and Eating Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Grains, Nuts, Seeds & Legumes (and an occasional piece of fish) .......And loving it!

I was chatting with an acquaintance yesterday who back in 1996 began  "Juicing" and because he was juicing he said that he was also doing "colonics"  to "help move everything along" and clean out the build up of toxins that get stored in the body.   Well, I don't know (I'm not a doctor and don't pretend to know a whole lot about this stuff)  but after almost 5 months of juicing and eating fruits,vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and legumes only, I think my body is doing a fine job of cleaning itself - I just don't think that going to that level (colonic) is really necessary if you are eating the right foods and not consuming bad stuff like processed foods (or foods that you cannot pronounce the ingredients on the label)...  (Just my opinion) and from what I've read there are arguments for it and against it.  What's Your Opinion on this?

Also, while chatting, my acquaintance told me about another juicer called the Norwalk which he swears by.   I asked what it cost and he said $2,000  -  That rules me out right there -   But, I still wanted to see what this juicer was and so,  I did a search for it online.  Oh my god, if I used this juicer I'd probably quit juicing -   Even though according to what I read,  the yield,  in terms of quantity of juice and quality of nutrients is 100% greater compared to a centrifugal force extractor like the one I have, but after watching some of the video demonstrations - it looks incredibly time consuming.  

And TIME is one of the biggest challenges in making juicing a part of your lifestyle  (according to friends who have gone out and purchased a juicer then quit after only a couple of weeks). The time for PREP and clean up is too much.   I mentioned in an earlier posting that I spend more time in the kitchen now than I ever have.  I equated it to having kids that you had to get up in the morning for to get them ready for school and make breakfast and lunches for..... And I don't have kids. So Juicing for me has been a learning experience.  One which I have come to really enjoy -  If I don't have a juice in the morning, I really miss it.  I love the taste and how I feel after drinking it.   Plus, I make juice for 2 of us,  for the morning and juice for the day - and then I have to clean up before I leave the house -  My Cuisinart Juice Extractor is terrific and fast, but clean up is a little more challenging than using say the Waring Pro (which I also talked about in an earlier post).  But, it's become a part of my daily routine and the amount of time it takes is workable for me.

 But looking at the Norwalk  -  Wow - Check out this video (you might want to skip through some of it, as its long video) - Imagine juicing a couple times a day with this! - also look at the size of the hopper (one carrot at a time)  -  But, like anything else,  it's how you want to incorporate it into your life and how much TIME you have to do it.  This may work for some, but not for others. For me, THE NORWALK  is to expensive and would be to time consuming  - Yes, Yes I know I'd get more Juice from it - There are trade offs you have to make.

In this particular video, the guy peels the carrots.  I don't peel or cut the carrots with my juicer I just clean them.  But THAT is another topic for another Post and another day. 

Have a Safe and
 Happy 4th of July!  

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