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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vitamix and a Juicer!

 Vitamix - What a powerful "Blender". It's more than a blender.  It's a Food Processor, Blender, Juicer (although a little to pulpy for me) a seed grinder and chopper.... AND FAST!

  I have to admit, I did try to make a Sorbet when I first opened the box but ended up with a smoothie.  So I poured it into Ice Cube trays and made juice cubes with it.  These will make healthy little refreshers.   My first drink was a Grape, Strawberry and Orange Smoothie (handful of grapes, strawberries and 1 orange, made enough for 1 smoothie).   Then last night I was trying to make beverage, and ended up with a Sorbet (go figure)-  You know the saying Nothing is as easy as it looks!  It's easy, but it just takes a little finesse!

I didn't video tape it but I did make my green juice in the Vitamix and I have to say "CURRENTLY I prefer the Juice Extracted juice rather than the "smoothie" version with all the pulp still in".  However, I'm not giving up and will keep trying it to see if it's just an acquired taste.

This Video was done July 25th - my first smoothie- click play to watch -

The Vitamix I bought (I bought it at the Kitchen store in Portsmouth, NH (they also sell it at Bed, Bath and Beyond) is the CIA Version with 64 oz container (and is the same as the Vitamix 5200 but with the CIA logo on it). In addition to the Vitamix it came with a beautiful 358 color illustrated cookbook with recipes developed by professional chefs from around the U.S. (a list of their individual sites is below).  So I have my work cut out for me in learning to use the Vitamix and also adapting some of the recipes to more plant based ingredients (where I can, I can still prepare the meat based ones, I'll just prepare those for Bruce and guests). 

Chef bios from the cookbook.
Rick Gresh, (Executive Chef of David Burke's Primehouse, Chicago, IL -no website)
Ivy Stark,(Executive Chef of Dos Caminos, NY,NY - no website link)

The Journey Continues......   By the way if you use the Vitamix or have your own recipes you'd like to share, please post a comment!  


  1. I bought a Vitamix (same one that you have) six months ago and it is great. I make all my vegan cheeses in it for mac and cheese, and lasagna.

    Sometimes I make smoothies in it, but rarely. I make my green juices in my juicer.

    I did chop up a onion in it but I could only use it in a meal that I was cooking and not in a salad because it is too wet.

    Have not tried the hot soup in it yet.

    It is so easy to clean and that is what I love. It is an investment and it is worth it if you are going to use it and not push it to the side. It is heaven sent and it make my vegan cooking so much easier for my thick mixtures.

    Enjoy your Vitamix....

  2. Oh I really love Vitamix products. In fact, i'm running a juicer reviews which include Vitamix products. Hope you'll like it. Great post!

  3. Great post! I also love vitamix products. It is my inspiration in creating a juicer review site.

  4. Hey, if you have a Vitamix reciepe you've dreamed up and want to share, please do! Yesterday I made a Bob's Red Mill Veggy Soup, afterwards put it in the Vitamix and it was beautiful - I didn't add any milk so it was very concentrated. Tonight I put some in a pan added a little water and I had what you'd expect to find in a fine restaruant!. I love this.

  5. I have recommended your blog to so many people, it's the food blog I consult most regularly. Why? Because you do update regularly, and your recipes always work & are tasty!