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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Brunch Smoothie

Well, it's really an Anytime Brunch Smoothie, but seeing it is Easter...

Happy Easter by the Way!

This is another one of those drinks where I found myself low on Fruits and Veggies and I while I was making a pot of Rolled Oats (and Mr. B was making an Omelet -see,  we can do this together ), this is what I came up with.

This time rather than Juicing, I used the Blender because of the soft banana and strawberries (they don't juice well).

This recipe makes about 60 ounces - in case you have people over  - Adjust the ingredients as needed. 

A friend of mine said she doesn't have a juicer and wanted to know if she could blend.   I know you can make stunning Smoothies with the Vita Mix or other high RPM blenders, but I haven't even tried to make one with a regular household blender so keep that in mind.  This smoothie I blended for 1 minute and it was excellent!

The Calories: (from *
2 Peeled Oranges 140 Calories
1 Banana (peeled) 90 Calories
1 Granny Smith Apple (medium not peeled) 80 calories
8 Whole Strawberries ( 1 cup =80 calories)
(water and ice)
Total Calories:  357 calories (remember I added a tray of ice cubes and 2 cups of water) so this is just a guide.  Also,  in searching for the calorie content from, there are different numbers depending on the size of the fruit....

Have a great day!    Hey tomorrow I start another 15 day Juice Reboot!  Like Spring Cleaning!  Woo hoo!

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