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Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1 2013 - Day 1 15 Day Reboot

It begins today - 15 days 100% Juicing -  My juices will be primarily  Super C and Mean Green.  At least 72 ounces of Juice a day, and at least that much water.  No Coffee ( I've already quit everything else so coffee is my last remaining vice). 

A few other people I know (Andrea, Vince Vinces Brother Walt, Diane, Kelly and Haley) will be also be "Rebooting" for 10-15 days and I decided to do it in support of them and because I like how it makes me feel afterward.  It's an amazing jumpstart on changing the way I eat or in continuation of a program that has already begun.

I hope my fellow rebooters will share their own thoughts on how it's going over the next 13 days and what they hope to get out of it.


  1. I just heard from Andrea, who hasn't received her juicer yet, but I got the most hysterical funny email from her regarding her first day, and I have asked her to post it here. Hopefully she will. I am breaking for my lunch and having my Modified Green Juice (I used up what I had in the fridge today - It was Celery, Cucumber, Green Cabbage, Cauliflower, Ginger and Granny Smith Apple. It has a zing to it. I'm drinking Herbal teas today!.

  2. Here is the e-mail.

    Well we had another 'circus show' yesterday for Easter. Actually it was really nice dinner only 10 of us so a bit more manageable, slow cooked lamb and lots of spring vegies. Vince's birthday is today so we had birthday pie yesterday. Not the best way to prep for a juice fast but oh well.

    Anyway, wish you could have seen me this am. The juicer has not arrived so I figured I could blend then put through a nylon and have juice...easy breezy right? Apple and cucumber kind of got stuck in the blender so I tried to gently move things along, splash, kabang all over the cabinet door, didn't quite hit the ceiling! I thought the whole scene was pretty funny; Vince was not amused.

    Anyway I have my first mean green and am on the way. The juicer should be here in a day or two, I'll do more prep work tonight to make the process easier until it comes in.