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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Don't buy Strawberries in the Market?

I read a post today on Facebook  about all the Pesticides in Strawberries and that you should only buy ORGANIC.  So I replied to the post and asked if they were recommending that you NOT buy regular strawberries if you couldn't find ORGANIC.  Their reply was a BIG - NEVER BUY STORE BOUGHT NON- ORGANIC Strawberries.    

I'm still struggling with Organic vs non organic. Primarily due to the cost. The fact that I've gone 99.9% Plant Based in the last year is a VERY GOOD thing, but obviously the more I read, I find out more and more (good and bad) about that BAD that is in our food.

 I am so sad to learn that I should NEVER eat Store bought (like Market Basket type stores or big food stores) strawberries that are not ORGANC - why am I sad?  Basically the cost. On the other hand, I'm saving a considerable amount of money by not buying meat, dairy or processed foods so buying ORGANIC is becoming less and less of an issue (but it still is) . I'm working on it. And I'm happy the Farmers Markets are spreading and I can buy more locally grown foods while at the same time supporting local farmers. 

Here is an interesting list of the 10 WORST NON-ORGANIC fruits

Strawberries / Peaches / Apples / Blueberries /Nectarines / Cherries / Grapes / Raspberries / Pears and Tomatoes - Why because of their thin Skin  - Read more at fruits.

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