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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What's In A Label?

Have you ever picked up a product and looked on the label to see how many calories there are.  For example look at the label on the left.  It says 250 calories. That's PER SERVING - this product has 2 servings (at 1 cup each) so it's really 500 calories - Why don't they break it down that way.   Probably because people wouldn't buy it if they REALLY looked at it. Or maybe just me.

Take Trail Mix for Example - (the kind with almonds, raisins, cranberries) seems harmless enough.  But I buy the big bags at the store and keep them at my desk or in my car for a snack in case I get hungry.  Well, honestly, it's so easy to grab a handful and munch on it, then grab another handful and before you know it you've eaten the entire bag!
Now I realize that has nothing to do with the label itself. It's me not having any self control.  But it was after I had been doing this for about a month with the trail mix, that I realized even good food can be bad if you treat it with total abandon.   That's what made me look for the Label information.  This is interesting reading if you are curious.  But how do you interpret this Nutritional Label?
For a FULL explanation of the Label you will find it  Here  Check this out .

 OK, so, I know that the body extracts three fuels from food: FATS(containing 9 calories per gram) PROTEINS and CARBOHYDRATES (4 calories per gram).
Notice it only talks about Fats (9 calories per gram) and Proteins & Carbs (4 calories per gram)  - What is fiber in that mix?

My feeling on Juicing after doing it now for just over a year, is a that its a way for "ME" to get my fruits and vegetables easily and I LOVE how it tastes!  I can consume vegetables that I would otherwise not eat -( like beets for example, I love them juiced, but I'm hard pressed to eat them raw or cooked).

When I began juicing a year ago - I did it for a couple of reasons which are still valid reasons today.  I wanted to change my eating habits and loose weight. And a Juice "Reboot" was the best way to jump start that change.

What I learned from this "Reboot" a year ago was that by doing it, it helped me (and continues) to begin the process of change. It is an ongoing process, one which I enjoy and one that is very easy to get off track on.   Reading Labels is definitely one of the things I do on a regular basis now - and I'm so surprised (why should I be) when I see a product that says it's one thing, and you look at the label and are blown away by all the other ingredients.

But more and more it is very seldom that I even need to read the labels, as most of what I buy is Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Nuts, Seeds.  I should think about changing my header from Fresh Beginnings With Juicing to something else... Any ideas?

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