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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blackbean Mozzarella Flatbread Pizza

Ok I know this has Mozzarella in it, but I came home from work, and wasn't sure what to make. I know Bruce was not in the mood for 100% plant food.  So I opened the fridge.  He had bought some Mozzarella cheese, and I had some whole wheat flat bread wraps.
 " Hmmm what can I do with this?"
My refrigerator is full of vegetables, but these two items were the only NON Fruit NON Veggy items.
So looking further I realized I had made some Bob's Red Mill Black Bean soup previously and froze it, so I pulled out a container and defrosted it.  Then I chopped up a Tomato, and Vo-Wal-La (ha  ha) I had Black Bean Mozzarella  Flat Bread Pizza!    Bruce Loved it!    And he's a very good cook, so for me that was a sincere complement.  Hence the Bruce Approved! 

I served this with my Cox Salad, and had a real winner!  

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