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Monday, August 19, 2013

Night Calmer

1/2 Head Lettuce, 1 Large Zucchini, Fresh Parsley 
So usually at night before heading off to Dreamtown, I make some herbal tea as a "Night Calmer". But tonight I was feeling adventurous and I had read somewhere that Lettuce and Zucchini are good sources of calming or stress busting types of vegetables (folate). And I just happen to have some leftover iceberg lettuce (it was a beautiful head of FRESH iceberg lettuce mind you - using the word "leftover" sounds like it might be old which is not the case) and a large Zucchini that I peeled and chopped up.  However, I didn't have FRESH parsley soooo, I took dried parsley and added some water to it and created a little paste, as at this point I'm just looking for the flavor that the parsley will add.   I then spooned the parsley paste into the lettuce leafs and wrapped the leaf around the chopped Zucchini and pushed it through the juicer. 

Very Interesting Flavor, yet clean and crisp.   I drank mine at without ice, but Mr. B wanted ice (as he initially did NOT like the taste AT ALL).  After a few sips it grew on both of us.  I guess it's a taste that you "Develop" - It's not bad but it is different from anything I've juiced before.  1/2 head lettuce, 1 large Zucchini (about 11" long and a couple inches in diameter) and a handful of fresh parsley yields about 14 ounces.  
Night Calmer - Lettuce, Zucchini, Parsley

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