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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quit Smoking Today, Stopped Coffee...

Well today is Day 1 of NOT smoking -
And only 4 days until Reboot!

 I bought Equate Nicotine Gum to aid in this process - You are suppose to chew one piece every 1 to 2 hours.  Each piece has 2mg of nicotine (but none of the other bad stuff).   My last cigarette was about 7:30 last night.  And I chewed my first piece of "gum" at 8:30 this morning, then another one at 10:30, 1:30, (tried to stretch it out) 3:30.... I'll be doing this every couple of hours (increasing the time between pieces at specific timeframes) during the next  12 weeks if you follow the guidelines on the box!  How does it taste you might ask?   Like Mint Gum, with a strange little tingle to it.

I guess you could say I'm Just  A LITTLE HYPER SENSITIVE  right now - I've cried 4 times at my desk today when I read or heard something even slightly sad or slightly heartfelt.... And I don't seem to have much patience for stupid things!  Maybe I should take a week off and hide - NOT - JUST DO IT!
Green Juice
Oh yeah, I've been cutting down on the caffeine in preparation for the 15 Day reboot (NO CAFFEINE or ALCOHOL during the Reboot) and yesterday was my last day for Caffeinated Coffee.  This morning I had a Berry/Ginsing decaffeinated tea before my breakfast (which was the Green Juice).   So far, I've not had any headaches!   

I'm drinking bottled water and keep 3 bottles on my desk (each is 16oz), so I know what I have left to drink.  Beleive it or not - that takes getting use to!  For llunch I made the Green Juice and added Beets and Carrots to it!   Interesting, but it's certainly better than eating the beets (yuk).  Actually it was good.

I did a little restocking last night - as I'm finding I really like the Greens and am using them in most of my Juicing. 

I went to Market Basket and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of fruits and vegetables and their prices!   Only Spent $40.00 and filled the Refrigerator and Fruit Bowls.
It was so cool to just go to the Vegtable Department
 and skipped everything else (what a no-brainer)
I Like this and haven't even started the Reboot Yet!

By the end of my work day, the twinges to get up and go outside to have a smoke were their but not the craving to have a smoke (if that makes sense).  But I think in order to preserve sanity and my relationship, I should follow the gum directions to the T - (ever 2 hours not 3 like I did today).

If you want to comment, or ask any questions, or even voice your support, please do,
and I hope you will follow our little adventure. 


  1. So supportive of your choice, not to smoke...That is great! One step at a time..."GOOO DEBBIE MAE"! Peace, NH

  2. This makes me want to run to the store and go straight to the Veggie department. It looks so pretty and colorful.

    Keep it up your doing great :-)