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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Come Sample Our Juice Nov 1st & Nov 3rd

Well, The Daily Juicer is almost a reality!
We are going to do some Sampling of the menu with our friends and future customers for a couple of days- Friday November 1st &* Sunday November 3rd - This will help us fine tune the process and get everyone up to speed on what it takes to make the perfect Juice or Smoothie.

Please tell your friends, share this post, link over to our Facebook page to the right "like" and share.

We will have a short survey that we'd like to get your input on after you've sampled which will help us fine tune our offerings.

We are Excited and look forward to bringing a fresh alternative to our community.

Yogurt Licious Hours Currently are:
Friday/Sat 11:30-8:30
Sunday's 12:30-7:00
Mon-Thurs 11:30-7:00
Some people have commented about having Fresh Juice in a Frozen Yogurt Shop.  Well, if healthier food choices were available to people on a broader scale, they would probably be inclined to choose it.  We are so use to over processed and over sweetened, over saturated over everything foods that choosing healthy alternatives isn't at the top of everyone's list until it becomes a problem. Well, hopefully this little place will give people a healthy alternative.   You can still buy Frozen Yogurt with all the toppings at this place, but YOU HAVE A CHOICE and that's the real Beauty!

* Saturday Nov 2nd we will be Juicing at  in Hampton, NH for an Alternative Health & Wellness Event which is open to the Public, if you happen to be in the area stop by!

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