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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our Extracted Juice Menu

Beet Energized
We Are Open 
9:30 a.m.- 7:00 pm
Sunday's 10:30-7:00 pm

Here's some of our favorites. 

Our #1 Healthy choice is

The Big Green - Detoxifier/Cleanser
Kale /Cucumber /Celery /Apple /Ginger /Lemon Cleanse and feed the body with  essential vitamins and nutrients.

May we also recommend:

BEE-T Energized
Beet /Carrot / Orange (An energizing, immunity booster).

Or switch it up and have a          Super A,B,C’s— Energizer
Beet /Carrot / Red Bell Pepper /Orange (An energy powerhouse. Beets are full or Iron, combined with the Antioxidants of Carrots and vitamin C packed Bell pepper  and Orange)  a great full flavored juice anytime.

Or perhaps you are want something on the Blended side.  How about 

Spinach Tango
Spinach /  Apple/ Cucumber/ Celery / Mango, A fresh blend of powerful vitamins and nutrients, 

or for a sweeter juice, maybe a
Mango –Madness—Stress Stabilizer
Mango / Banana / Strawberry
(Stress wreaks havoc on your body.  Mango's contain an enzyme that soothes the digestive system, and Banana and Strawberries provide replenishment for Vitamin C which stress depletes.)

 There is something for everyone and today is your opportunity to try them out.

Please have patience when you come in, as we are working on the process and flow which is why we are sampling and we'll have a little survey that we'd like you to complete after sampling to help us bring a great experience to everyone in the future.

See you there!

Located inside Yogurt Licious - 1465 Woodbury Avenue, Portsmouth, NH 603-319-8690

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