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Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Picture Worth 1000 Calories or more...

When I look at these two images and realize that I began the journey to change the way I eat almost 5 months Ago - it really hits me that there has been substantial change going on here!  Look at those Chipmunk Cheeks in 2011!  The photo thisyear/2012 I look like my younger self!  (younger is a relative word - but which is appropriate as I feel younger!).

June 25- Next Monday, we are going to do another 5 Day JUICE ONLY Reboot.  It will be interesting to see how I (we) do. I'm checking out my friends over at web site as well as the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead face book page.  When I began this in February, it was really helpful to be able to log on to those forums and read other peoples experience as they work their way through a multi day JUICE ONLY reboot.  It's a supportive and encouraging way to NOT EAT for a week.  Some people don't need the support, but I personally enjoy it.

This past Wednesday I did break a little - but I'm not worried about it, we had a sales meeting and Danielle French from Blue Water Mortgage came in to talk with our Associates about 203K mortgage programs for buyers (in case you didn't know, I am an Associate Broker with Weichert Realtors Points East Yankee Trader serving  the Seacoast areas of  Maine & NH), ANYWAY, Danielle brought in refreshments including cheese, crackers and Wine!  I ALMOST had a glass of wine but then "chose" not to, but I did have some cheese and grapes....... I'm pretty comfortable at this stage not drinking (don't even desire it)  and as far as the cheese - I just consider it a little treat,  I try to remind myself that it's a lifestyle change, not a prison sentence. 

It's Been Almost 5 Months - Down 30 Pounds (5 more to go) - No Meat, No Poultry, No Dairy, No Processed Food And Still NOT SMOKING 

For those who haven't seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead yet, you can watch it on your computer by going over to  -  FOR FREE - or you can see it on Netflix -  We watched that and Forks Over Knives again last weekend when we went for a visit up to a friends Camp.   

Speaking of friends, we had a great time at camp and I actually took my Juicer with me.  Ted and Tammy enjoyed the juices I made each morning and were excited to continue with it after I left.  I gave them my juicer (the Waring Pro) so next time we go visit I know we'll have juice!

This is Beet, Celery, Cucumber & Apple

This is Celery, Cucumber, Apple, Spinach

There is nothing quite like going to someplace else to relax and unwind - This place was amazing as are the friends who own it.   Juice On!

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