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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Simple is Better - Want Some PULP?

After 4 months of Juicing - I'm liking a simpler Juice Extractor - I was given the Waring Pro and it's very convenient and provides for quick clean up -  The house I live in is on a Septic System, so nothing goes down the kitchen pipes other than water.   I'm finding with the Waring Pro (perhaps there are other Juicers available like this one) clean up seems quicker than with the Cuisinart Juice Extractor - I think it is because the unit pieces are simple with no fancy injection molding going on, so you just un-latch it from the base, empty and clean.  Here is a 1-handed Video of me trying to demonstrate this (I'm sure you'll enjoy the almost Mr. Rogers style of music I use at the beginning and end). 

I'm having a great time amusing myself with all of this - but at the same time improving my health!  It's funny, my girlfriend just sent me a FB message as we are getting together soon for a cook out- She's concerned about what to cook and said "...what should we make for dinner? you are completely vegetarian now right?"   This is interesting - I new that changing the way I eat would be different for me, but as it turns out it's having an impact on those I know.    Shopping ONLY in the Produce section of the grocery store now - I'm getting so use to just eating Vegetables -  And you can get so creative with it as I've shown with some of the Dishes Bruce comes up with - look at the dishes below.  I mean look at that 2nd dish the Grilled Portabella stacked with tomatoes and roasted vegetables..... My mouth is watering just looking at that...  We'll work it out -  Cook what ever you wish, I'll bring the Vegetable Dish! How's that.    Would you like me to bring some PULP?   HA.
By the way, as I mentioned in an earlier post,  I'm meeting some great people through the various web sites I've found, and they are all into sharing what they are making, which helps alot when you can see photos of food! 

By the way, a friend of mine posted on her blog today about Juicing and Compost - funny she was talking about the pulp as well, check out her blog GreenerGreenGrass Organic Lawn Care Blog

Well, gotta go plant some veggies that Ralph and Joyce brought me yesterday (Chard, Pepper, Eggplant and one other I think - Unfortunately they are not marked and I have NO CLUE oh yeah the purple one is cabbage) - I'll have to put them on the deck, as I have a rouge Chipmunk who has taken up Residence in my yard! 

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