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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday Madness Slip Up

Friday Madness Slip Up!  I'm 12 days into a 15 day Juice/Veggie Reboot (which also includes quitting caffeine).

Yesterday I found myself a little unprepared and it set me off slightly. I almost stopped at a coffee house when I had to drive to one of our other offices and left without taking any water or Juice with me.  By the time I got there I was thirsty and that little voice in my head said, "ohh looky there - HOT COFFEE".   I had this dialog with myself about how it wouldn't hurt and I'd just get a small coffee... It was strange, I didn't really want it but it was there and I was thirsty.  I told myself "look are you doing this or not - you can have it but I thought YOU wanted to quit coffee?"  After a few minutes the urge to splurge passed.

   I did my business and got back in the car and headed north.  But I made the mistake of not even stopping to get a bottle of water.  By the time I got back to Portsmouth, I was actually thinking about Burger King! NOW I've gone from wanting a cup of coffee to having French Fries and a Hamburger - I'm crazy!  I haven't eaten that way in over a year! What's up?  Crazy Madness because I'm not prepared!  

Then by the time dinner rolled around again I wasn't prepared again, as we had to fly as soon as I was done for the day to go to an event with friends. So I didn't make any juice or have a salad before going out. By 8:00 we are in a local restaurant (and like most places in town they don't really do a good job with raw food choices) so I ordered a Ceaser Salad (slip up #1 when I COULD HAVE ordered just a garden salad), and once again I'm have that dialog with myself "oh it won't hurt get the chicken strips on the salad",  this time I went for it and I had the Salad with Chicken on it!  Ok It's not that big of a deal, but I have a goal I've set and for 3 more days I need to stick to my goal.  I Slipped Up!

See this is all part of the journey. I will have ARRIVED at my true goal of changing the way I eat when I don't do things like that.  Granted I could have gone all the way off but I didn't.  It just goes to show you that REAL CHANGE takes time, education, dedication and commitment.

So today I'm good, back to Juice and Veggies.  All in all the 12 days have been good and I've felt great.  Being prepared is KEY KEY KEY!

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