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Sunday, April 7, 2013

One Year Later - 2nd Reboot

April 2013
February 2012

Day 7 of my 2nd  Reboot
It's been 7 days into Reboot #2 - (A 15 day Juice/Veggy Fast) - Pictured above Day 1 of Reboot #1, a year ago  February and one year later.  Nough Said!

So far, so good.  I did modify my plan and decided to do the Juice 2x a day with Raw Veggies at night (my full featured salad).

Monday and Tuesday were a little difficult and I felt like I wanted to bite someones head off as well as my own as I finally stopped drinking Coffee. When I threatened to go to Dunkin Donuts to get my coffee fix, a friend shared some inspiring words of wisdom with me and I decided to get a Omega 3 Sensation Smoothie instead. 

My friend (Paul) said "... Maybe focus on this: just like nicotine, caffeine causes the "disease" which produces certain symptoms and side effects that can only be alleviated by ingesting more of the substance that causes the disease. Once broken for a very short period of time, the cycle just stops..."  That's all it took. A gentle nudge from a friend and I stayed on my path. 

In our society it is so easy to go for the quick gratification. And it's sometimes hard to resist the sights and smells as you walk into a store or pass by a restaurant with the smell of food cooking wafting out through an open door.  If you're not prepared to satisfy your hunger with Juices you've taken the time to prepare in the morning or have packed yourself a healthy lunch or have healthy snacks (like carrot and celery sticks or an apple perhaps),  it's sooooo easy to say Oh, I'll just grab a quick meal here or there and end up consuming not only more calories than you need but also processed foods that your body doesn't really want.   Fortunately we are starting to see more and more businesses opening up that cater to a healthier body.  This fact alone has made my own journey easier.

I was concerned about this weekend that I might give in to those temptations and fall off my fast,  but I have stayed true even with a dinner for six last night.  I stayed true, drinking Herbal tea and water and eating my full featured salad while my other guests enjoyed a delicious seafood and pasta meal.  I never felt the desire to indulge.  Not once!

At the end of 7 days, I'm down 5 pounds, and my energy level is high, my focus is keen and I'm glad I'm doing this again.    Juice On.  And my eternal thanks to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.   Forks over knives and Hungry For Change.  All three movies can be seen on netflix.

To my other friends who are also participating in a 15 day Reboot - I would love for you to comment on how your week has been.  

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