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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cabbage Patch Juice - Yummy

Today was the first day I felt hungry and I know why -   I left the house without any water, or my Green Juice and ended up doing a bunch of running around all day.   So by the time I hooked up with Bruce in town, I was feeling hungry. But what do you order when your Fasting!  We weren't planning on staying in town so we ordered some herbal tea and because I was hungry, sitting in the restaurant and smelling the food was starting to get to me (had I had my juice I would have been fine).
So it was time to get out of town, I picked up some more veggies, stopped by the office to check the mail and the two books I ordered were in.   I bought the Juicing Bible and Skinny Bitch (both recommended by someone else doing the Reboot).  After getting home and having the Green Juice I forgot to take with me earlier,  I was skimming through the Juicing Bible and liked how the book is laid out. There are all kinds of recipes for this condition, or that emotion or ailment...  so I took a couple and mixed them together to come up with a dinner juice.   I named it Cabbage Patch - I didn't really measure anything, just cut a big slice of green cabbage, about a 1/4 head of  Cauliflower, a zucchini, red bell pepper, 5 carrots, and a tomato - I just kept adding until I had enough for the 2 of us.  The flavors were very different from the Green Juice (which is the primary juice we are drinking).  It tasted crisp like a big salad, the cauliflower really popped and with the cabbage it had a spicy "salty"  taste to it.   It was what I needed. Bruce didn't like it as much as the Mean Green Juice.  Oh Well,  but  I guess what I'm saying, is you can pretty much juice any kind a veggy's and it (so far) tastes good.

Just thought I'd share that!

Oh my god, the book Skinny Bitch is hysterical! I just started reading it and can't help laughing. I love the way these women write - they are in your face.  For example, Chapter 1, page 1, first paragraph  "...You need to get healthy if you want to get skinny. The first thing you need to do is give up your gross vices. Don't act surprised! You cannot keep eating the same shit and expect to get skinny".     And it goes on like this as they try to help the reader understand that it is about changing what you are putting into your body if you want to loose weight and keep it off.  I understand they have a cook book as well, I can't wait to see how they describe their recipes.

Time for some type of night-cap juice!  Ya hoo!

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  1. I want to read that book! Sounds motivational. I have yet to try juicing inspire me to try it.