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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 19 & 20 - It's been 20 DAYS Today!

    20 Days!   Still Juicing 100% of the time, Still working out,  Not Smoking, No Caffeine, No WINE, No Solid food.  And I'm feeling Great.  I do find myself thinking about food every once in awhile, but I get over it pretty quickly.   I'm Going to extend my fast and try for 25 Days -  and we'll see how I feel at that point.    Bruce is still doing the modified fast (juicing and eating fruits & veggies). 

I'm actually going through my closet now looking for different pants to wear and the ones I've been wearing are getting pretty loose.  This is fun! 
This morning I made my First Grape Juice - 2 Cups Red Grapes, 2 Oranges (even though 4 are shown) 2 cups of Strawberries.   Enough for 2 8oz glasses.  Bruce said it was his favorite so far.  Great way to start a Saturday morning.  I got it from the Juicing Bible, a worthwhile purchase . 

This is becoming contagious.  It appears that if I spend anytime talking to someone about what I've been doing this last month they end up going out and buying a Juicer!  I think that is awesome!  Even if you juice once a day - the goodness that you get from it is felt immediately -  My niece Rochelle sent me this great photo today - She could be the Poster Child for Juicing.  But it's a little funny she's drinking what she calls Mutant Ninja- (carrots, lemons, apple,red grapes,celery,spinach ) in a Cola Glass. Hey what ever works!

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