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Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 5 - Juicing Reboot - So Far So Good.

Day 5 - Today was just another good day.  I don't have much to add to Day 4's post.    I was extremely busy and there were a couple times that had this been two weeks ago, I would have gone out for a smoke (due to the craziness of the day).  I actually realized "my calmness" and thought to myself "self, you are mighty calm right now, wow this is good."

 The first 5 days of Juicing and Eating only fruits and vegetables has been relatively easy.
Juicing in the Morning - Super C juice - 8 ounces for each of us and an herbal tea of some kind.
Making a Batch of Green Juice for the day - 48 ounces for each of us / supplementing during the say with a banana or apple or other fruit
Drinking as much water as possible
Then having a dinner of either roasted, steamed or baked vegetables and/or salad
Followed up with an Herbal tea before bed.

Biggest things so far  (and their not really that big):
- Cleaning the juicer after every juice - Gotta Do It! So getting up a little early is important.
- Keeping sufficient quantities of Fruits/Vegetables on hand - You go through them Quickly
- Making sufficient quantities of juice to last all day - Bruce had his done by 11 today!
- Remembering to drink plenty of water during the day -
 - Handling the cravings when I get home - if I have them now and can eat veggies, how will it be when we are juicing  100% of the time.
That's pretty much it.  

This weekend we begin Juicing fruits and vegetables 100% of the time for 5 days (then back to juicing & eating for 5 days...unless we want to extend the Juicing phase for additional time).  From everything I 've read on the Internet and the various forums, the first 3 days will be the biggest challenge (in terms of overcoming the urge to eat solid food). I just have to stay positive, drink lots of water in between juicing and know that there is a hump and we will be over it quickly.

Oh, I'm still not smoking Day 9, even using less of the gum.   Let's see how the weekend goes!

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