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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 3 - Hmm Too Much Acid?

Day 3 - Balloon belly! - This I found out "could" be the acid in the stomach from the "sweeter" juices in the morning.  It didn't last long, and I discovered that putting a little bitters on the way back of the tongue before juicing can help eliminate this. It was also suggested to use Apple Cider Vinegar, but taking that straight? No Thanks. Oh, maybe they meant mixed with water? Still others suggested the Reboot is doing it's thing!
 Breakfast was Super C (pictured above with Green Juice) - 4 carrots, 1/2 red bell pepper, 1/2 orange, 1/4 lemon, I left out the grapefruit and added 1/2 golden beet, and a slict of jicama.   DID I SAY I HATE BEETS! Still Do!  But it was good.  The "Green Juice" as I said last night was enough for 48 ounces for each of us for today.  It took me all day to drink the "Green Juice".  It's a little difficult (for me) to drink that much juice during the day. Perhaps because my day is spent in front of a computer, while Bruce, on the other hand is on the go (being a carpenter), moving around and hasn't had any problem with finishing his juice during the day. 
So, I took a break and took some pictures of a Portsmouth event, the lowering and removal the center span of the Memorial Bridge which is being dismantled in its entirety and a new bridge will be built by late 2013.  Got some fresh "cold" air, a brisk walk and witnessed a little bit of history making new history.  Wish I could have watched it float away (but I'm assuming that took place after I was home).  
Dinner was another Chef Bruce salad with spinach, radish, bell pepper, cauliflower, golden beet, jicama, celery, mushroom, raisins, avocado. with a Dressing  made of  balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, lemon wedge, small amount of vegetable oil (not sure if that is ok, he used just a couple tablespoons of that oil), jalapeno honey, dill, garlic, ginger and salt and pepper. 
It was delicious and satisfying! 
An observation - while I say I'm fine and am not hungry (which I am not), I know that when we get home for the day, we will be eating some form of Vegetables for dinner. That's been a treat to be able to "chew".   Come next Saturday however, we will be juicing 100% of the time for a week.  Seeing how much we are into the eating part - I'm a little nervous about the 100%  juicing part.  Maybe by Sunday, it won't be an issue - Today is after all only Day 3!   And I'm Still Loving It!  
Day 7 No Smoking! Actually using less of the Gum as well! I did have a bit of a headache in the afternoon, but no big deal, just drank more water, and the "Green Juice". You know not being occupied with taking the cigarette break, I seem to be getting more accomplished! Duh!

And may I add without being to descriptive, juicing is "cleansing" the system!

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